2016 Presidential Battle Ground: Social Media


Try to remember back about 7 years ago, during the time of Obama’s presidential campaign run; whether you were involved politically or not, you probably have seen the above image before. Personally, I wasn’t very interested in political matters but I was very interested in my social media outlet, Facebook. I can still remember so clearly because how much it annoyed me, the constant recurrence of now President Obama’s image in my news feed day after day. I felt like I was forced or obligated to know more about what was going on politically. Little that I know, it was a movement that had a great impact on our country’s future. Now thinking back, Obama’s campaign team should get more credit for President Obama becoming president and also his reelection in 2012. How Obama won his campaign runs is something that was really special, President Obama and his team focused on a battle ground that no one else thought was important enough to conquer, social media. It was brilliant to say the least, stirring away from the conventional ways of running a campaign,many can argue, was what gave President Obama the winning edge. Maybe other candidates didn’t really understand  the behavior of social medias or maybe they chose to ignore it, regardless if it was intentional or not, President won a large portion of advertisement for his campaign. Instead of spending large amount of money for President Obama’s messages to be advertised and broadcast, he got the people, his supporters, to do it for him in a cheap and fast way.

In the future presidential election, it will be interesting to see and study how future candidate follow President Obama’s campaign methods. With the growth of technology along with access to social media, the importance of this battle ground can no longer be ignored.

– Truc Pham

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